Top 5 Reasons to Add a $100K Corporate Wellness Challenge Revenue Stream

Alan Cohen

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Top 5 Reasons to Add a $100K Corporate Wellness Challenge Revenue Stream

1) Diversify and Stabilize Your Income.  With Corporate Wellness Fitness Challenges you will lock in high-value annual contracts with your corporate customers.  Plus, corporate clients stay with you for an average of 4 years.  This creates a lucrative recurring revenue stream.

2) Stop Working Crazy Hours.  You won't need to be up at 5:00 am and work until 8:00 pm to service your corporate clients.  With the Corporate Challenge Management and Coaching platform, you'll be able to service hundreds of employees in a few hours a week - no need to add more staff.

3) Make Your Competition Irrelevant.  With Corporate Fitness Challenges, you won't be competing with the other fitness centers and fitness entrepreneurs in your market. You will open up a completely new market, servicing 80% of the population that do not exercise.

4) Feed Your Traditional Business.  You'll be working with companies in your local market and building trust with their employees creating a feeder to your other fitness business.

5) Scale.  Finally, you will impact many more people in a fraction of the time scaling both your time and income.

The Corporate Wellness opportunity will enable qualified fitness industry professionals to create and manage their own corporate wellness business with all the tools and support of a company with impeccable credentials. (This business opportunity is NOT an MLM or Direct Marketing Business).

What the Program is About

The corporate wellness program that you would be representing is appealing to small to medium size companies; 50-500 employees. The ownership/leadership team of these successful companies are believers in health and wellness and would like to offer a fitness program their employees could benefit from. Healthy employees are happier, more productive and more motivated. Corporate wellness helps serves 80% of the population who are not exercising.

The corporate wellness program offers four, 6-week fitness challenges, annually. Companies sign 12-month contracts. The average renewal is 4 years+. Participants in the fitness challenges would use EKG wearable heart rate monitors, that sync with a robust app that tracks workouts, nutrition, streaming workouts and more, plus syncs with a scale to calculate data and provides excellent engagement for the participants.

The company has an excellent history working with over 200 companies servicing 10's of thousands of employees. Great testimonials and references are available that back-up the success of this program.

The company provides a turn-key program including sales and marketing strategy, proposals, presentations, social media outlets, technology, employee challenges plus one-on-one training.

Excellent compensation plan would provide a $100,000+ year income by enrolling 3-5 companies with a cumulative total of 200 participating employees. Companies that participate in this corporate wellness program average 4+ years as clients. Part-time fitness entrepreneurs could earn $30,000-$50,000+ annually.


- 10+ years of successful experience in the health and fitness industry. Preferably as a club owner, senior manager, general manager, fitness director, certified personal trainer, or a successful fitness entrepreneur who already is running a successful fitness business outside of the club environment.

- Sales and marketing expertise

- Excellent presentation skills

- Good computer skills

- Local community connections

- Excellent leadership and communication skills

- Confident, entrepreneurial professional

This opportunity is perfect for professionals from the fitness industry who would like to secure their own future by growing their own business. It could be a full-time business venture, it could be rolled into an existing fitness business such as a franchise club/studio as ancillary revenues, or a personal training/boot camp business. Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself!

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