Thinking About Relocating for a New Opportunity?

Alan Cohen

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Opportunities come to us in many ways during our career. Through a job search, through personal referrals, our reputation, blogging, social media and more. From time to time there may be some good-looking opportunities that may require relocation. The question becomes, should I relocate or not relocate for a job?

During my career, I relocated 13 times for jobs in the fitness industry, so I consider myself a bit of an expert on this subject. My overall conclusion is that I was able to build a fantastic career in the fitness industry by relocating for different job opportunities. Below I will highlight the pros and cons of relocation.

Pros of relocation:

1.     Accelerating your career track.

2.     Better compensation and what comes with higher income.

3.     Nicer home and community with better cost of living.

4.     Experience life in a new part of the country.

5.     Move closer to family and friends.

6.     Leave a job you’ve fallen out of love with.

7.     Get away from expired or toxic relationships.

Cons of relocation

1.     Moving can be a pain if you have a lot of stuff to move.

2.     Moving can be expensive, even if the new company is paying some or most of the cost.

3.     The new cost of living may be a shocker. $300 + to park your car (if you are moving into a major city), a big uptick in car insurance, smaller home etc.

4.     You may leave friends and family behind, which isn’t for everyone.

5.     Your new job may not pan out.

6.     Moving is a major life DISRUPTION. You better be tough or don’t do it.

In closing, there can be some incredible opportunities that will come your way if you get out of your comfort zone and take some calculated risks. If you are considering relocation do extensive research on the company and the area you are considering moving to. The Internet should provide you 90% of what you need to know. During my career with so many moves, I always felt like I was on vacation visiting new places. I say go for it. Life is short, enjoy the ride!

Alan Cohen is a renowned fitness industry expert with more than 30 years of experience in the health club industry. He is the president and founder of He can be reached at 800-259-4397 or by email:

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