Strength and Conditioning Coach- Youth Training Director
Ann Arbor, MI

Advantage Strength and Conditioning
2121 Oak Valley Dr
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
United States

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From $20 To $22.00
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Full Time
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Job Description

Advantage Strength and Conditioning is a growing youth training and adult fitness company looking for a strength and conditioning coach to for the Youth Director position. The role of the Youth Director is to coach quality professional training sessions for youth athletes and teams, maintain efficient team training schedules, and serve as the point of communication for team coaches, managers and parents.

Founded in 2012, Advantage Strength and Conditioning opened to serve the training needs of youth athletes and teams. As the youth business grew, so did the demand for quality adult training. Over the last 9 years, we have expanded twice, moved from our original location to the current space in Ann Arbor, opened a satellite youth training location in Hazel Park MI, and most recently, expanded again to include an upscale small group training studio to accommodate our growing adult membership.

The Youth Director role is a newly created position in response to the increased volume of team training at the gym. The Youth Director will work alongside the Head Youth Coach to lead fun, engaging, effective training sessions for young athletes, provide a smooth experience for parents and coaches, and facilitate growth of the Performance Program for middle school and high school athletes.

We're looking for a fun, friendly, organized and professional team member to perform the Youth Director position. To be considered for the role, you should share the same values as the Advantage Team.

1. Be a pro- Advantage team members are responsible, punctual, and driven to improve their own skills and knowledge.

2. Bring Advantage Energy- Advantage Energy is confident, even keeled, fun and engaging. We read the room and bring the energy that each group needs while being a consistent and caring coach. .

3. Dominate the Car Test- when a young athlete finishes his/her session and gets in the car with mom or dad, what do they say when asked how it went? Do they shrug and say “fine,” or do they excitedly share a big win for the day, or something hard they accomplished? Our goal is for kids to get in the car gushing about how great their session was.

4. Be a Great Teammate- we perform our roles exceptionally well, help each other out when needed, communicate well and take initiative to do things the right way.

Primary Responsibilities of the Youth Director

  • Coaching- coach team and Performance Program sessions, sharing this role with the Head Youth Coach. The Youth Director tags in any time there are multiple teams training concurrently.
  • Communication- correspond with athlete parents, coaches and teams to provide training updates, share the weekly huddle (training/performance/health tips for athletes and families).
  • Scheduling- Coordinate team training schedule with team coaches/managers, and generally “keep the trains running on time” in the youth training space.
  • Administrative- helping young athletes and families get started in the Performance Program, maintaining compliance for every team/athlete (waivers, training contracts, etc),
  • Growing the Performance Program- together with the head of marketing and sales, the Youth Director will help grow the Performance Program by staying in contact with athletes and families who have attended an introductory session, and helping them begin the appropriate membership.

Job Requirements
This is a full-time position and requires 35-40hours per week. You will be required to be in the gym 4-5 days per week. A portion of the hours can be done remotely, as part of the role includes communication with teams and families, and other administrative duties.

The position is hourly, and includes a starting wage of $20-$22 per hour based on experience. Medical and dental benefits are also provided. Additionally, an educational stipend of $600 per year is also offered.

Important: If you are interested in applying for the Youth Director position at Advantage Strength and Conditioning, please do these 2 things.
1) Apply for the position on Indeed,, Handshake, or whatever platform you are using for your employment search.
2) Record a video of 60 seconds or less sharing what excites you most about the Youth Director position. Email that video, or a video link to
Advantage Strength and Conditioning
Brian Sipotz
2121 Oak Valley Dr
Ann Arbor MI 48103
United States
Advantage Strength and Conditioning Brian Sipotz

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