Small Group Head Personal Trainer
San Antonio, TX

Alloy Personal Training Alamo Heights
7700 Broadway Ste 105
San Antonio, TX 78209
United States

Exercise / Fitness
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Manages Others
Experience Required
From $40,000 To $60,000
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Full Time
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Job Description
Are you a fitness enthusiast who knows the difference between a squat and a scone? Do you dream about dumbbells and protein shakes? Well, you might just be the lead trainer we're looking for a new Alloy Personal Training studio coming to Alamo Heights San Antonio!
The Job: Head Coach (Small Group Trainer) - If you're passionate about helping people become the best version of themselves and you're not afraid to break a sweat while doing it, we want you to lead our fitness training sessions as the Head Coach and Lead Personal Trainer. You'll be the Captain of our Crunches and the Guru of our Gains. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, as Head Coach will be the lead trainer for small group training sessions under the Alloy Personal Training methods, create positive experiences for members and assist the Director (GM) on managing the business for profitability. Compensation with base salary and monthly bonus potential is $45,000-60,000/yr.

About Alloy Personal Training: At Alloy, we're not just about fitness; we're about building relationships. Alloy fitness program was created in 1992 around a very straightforward concept: people who get personalized coaching get better results. Today, Alloy operates as a national franchise with over 250 locations signed and programs among the most effective in the world for helping people, especially those over 40, who want to look and feel their absolute best.

Alloy is high-quality small group personal training franchise offering month to month membership programs focused on full-body, non-modality-based workouts. With a corp team of physiologists, therapists, dietitians, and other advisory board behavioral specialists, Alloy has created a program where cutting-edge science meets real, in-the-trenches training.

All group session programming is developed by Alloy’s corporate trainers, therefore taking stress off the studio trainers so they can better focus on adapting the programs to each member’s needs. People have tight schedules, so Alloy doesn't do what big commercial gyms do, working out one body part a day for 5 days a week. Alloy does full body training 1x-3X per week to get the strength training benefits to be more effective and more efficient. Working smarter and not harder. Alloy’s customer target market is a population that has been underserved. The customer avatar is around 40 to 65 years old with an avg HH income $100K+.

Alloy Alamo Heights: The Alloy Alamo Heights location is the first Alloy in San Antonio and currently under construction with opening planned for August. This position and team management training is set to begin June 10th. This is the one of three studios planned under the franchisee territory of local operator APT Fitness TX LLC, which is owned by Keep Fun Alive Enterprises, which has additional business interest in golf course management services.

Head Coach Trainer Role: As Head Coach (Lead Small Group Trainer) your role will be a key part of the studio assisting in pre-sales, training, ongoing membership retention and member training. As Head Coach, you'll spend roughly 30 to 35 hours a week conducting small group personal training sessions (4-6 people) in the studio. The rest of the hours will be focused on membership support by following up on leads, community networking and engagement, and staff training. Unlike other companies, you'll have direct perks that compensate you based on studio performance. And we believe in quality-of-life schedules with alternating 4- & 5-day work weeks.

As this is a new studio and not yet open, the first 60-days will focus on pre-sales and opening phase of the studio with a goal of 75-100 members prior to opening and then ongoing retention to get total members to 140. This position is a vital role in creating an Alloy community where we are “Stronger Together”.

Position Benefits: 

· Base Salary Range: $40,000-$45,000K/yr

· Incentive Potential: Up to $15,000/yr. (paid monthly based on membership levels and goals)

· Paid Health and Dental Insurance

· Paid Time Off

· Alloy Certified Trainer Certificate Program (Trained on the Alloy way)

· Additional Perks:

Uniform allowance, complimentary use of studio for you and guest, ongoing Alloy education, quality schedule with alternating 4-5 day work weeks

Other Alloy Positions Available: Director of Training (GM) – If you are ready to run the entire studio, then see separate job Director of Training (GM) posting. Primary focus for this position is managing the studio and sales while assisting with training sessions. Great for the person that wants to manage the total business while still conducting some training sessions.

Job Requirements
Super Star Qualifications:

· An understanding that fitness is more than just appearances; it's about feeling good and living your best life

· A passion for helping and serving others (we are in the relationship business)

· Experience in personal training or related fitness fields

· A natural leader who can inspire members to reach their potential

· The discipline and ability to follow Alloy’s proven model (run the play book)

· Likable positive personality, must be able to connect with Alloy target group 40-65 age range
Alloy Personal Training Alamo Heights
Ken Campbell
7700 Broadway Ste 105
San Antonio 78209
United States

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