Should You Relocate for a Fitness Industry Job? Pros and Cons

Alan Cohen

Should You Relocate for a Fitness Industry Job? Pros and Cons

Opportunities in the fitness industry often knock on our doors through various avenues – job searches, referrals, reputation, social media, and more. Sometimes, these opportunities come with the prospect of relocation. If you find yourself at this crossroads, pondering whether to relocate for a job, consider the following insights from someone who has relocated 13 times for fitness industry roles - Alan Cohen, Founder of

Pros of Relocation:

Accelerated Career Growth: Relocating can fast-track your career by exposing you to new challenges and opportunities for growth.

Senior Managers, General Managers, Club Managers, Fitness Directors, Membership Directors, Personal Trainers and Personal Training Managers are the most commonly recruited positions that may require relocation.

Enhanced Compensation: Often, better job positions come with improved compensation and benefits, offering financial progression.

Upgraded Lifestyle: A new location might offer a better quality of life, with improved housing options, a more appealing community, and a manageable cost of living.

Exploration: Relocating provides the chance to experience life in a different part of the country, broadening your horizons and enriching your personal life. If you are a personal trainer or personal training manager, you could move to anywhere in the country and you will be in demand. The biggest challenge here is to choose the right employer!

Closer to Loved Ones: Relocation can bring you closer to family and friends, nurturing those vital personal connections.

Escape Unwanted Situations: It's an opportunity to leave a job that no longer aligns with your passion and goals.

Fresh Start: Relocating helps you break away from toxic relationships or an expired social circle.

Cons of Relocation:

Logistical Challenges: Moving can be a hassle, especially if you have a lot of belongings that need to be transported.

Financial Factors: Even if the new company covers some expenses, moving can still be costly. Moreover, the new cost of living might catch you off guard. If you are in demand, ask the employer to cover your “actual” moving expenses.

Adjustment to Costs: A new city might bring higher costs, like steep parking fees or increased insurance rates.

Leaving Behind Connections: Relocation means leaving friends and family, which can be emotionally taxing for some.

Uncertain Outcomes: There's a chance that the new job might not turn out as expected, leading to disappointment.

Major Disruption: Moving is a life upheaval that demands resilience and adaptability.

While the decision to relocate isn't trivial, remarkable opportunities await those who embrace calculated risks. Stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to incredible growth and fulfillment. If you're contemplating relocation, invest time in researching the prospective company and the area. Online resources can provide substantial insights into both.

Embrace the journey, as each new chapter can bring exciting experiences. The enriching blend of professional advancement and personal exploration awaits those who are willing to take that leap of faith.


About the Author:

Alan Cohen is a renowned fitness industry expert with over 30 years of experience in the health club industry. His career journey, marked by numerous relocations, underscores the potential rewards of embracing change in pursuit of a thriving career in the fitness industry. As the president and founder of, he specializes in connecting fitness professionals with their dream career opportunities. For personalized guidance or inquiries, feel free to reach out to Alan at 602-334-7898 or via email:

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