Recruiting Tips from

Alan Cohen

1. When Creating Recruitment Ads, you should take the same time and effort as you would when creating member marketing messages. Branding is equally important in creating job postings as direct mail campaigns. Candidates want to work for great companies. Your ad is a direct reflection on the type of business you are running.

2. The platform is very intuitive. Below are a few tips that will enhance your experience:
After registering as an EMPLOYER go to the PRICING PAGE to select your job posting service. ALWAYS make your purchase selection first before creating a job posting.
▪ There is an Applicant Tracking System built-in to the site. A GREAT recruitment tool as it organizes all candidates by the position they are applying for. Including date applied, contact info and resumes! To use the ATS system, you must only place your email in the APPLICATION METHOD. It gives you an option for email OR website. (This should only be used for companies who have a dedicated Career Portal). There is another location in the job posting for your website. Also, do not include your email in the body of the ad, as applicants will be bypassing the ATS system. In your job posting tell candidates to APPLY via the above link. (See live posting)
▪ In My Account under APPLICANTS, you will see a BLUE Circle. Click on that to view CANDIDATES.
▪ Always look at your ads on the live site to check for spacing, accuracy, grammar and proper punctuation!

3. What’s in it For Me? When creating job postings, keep in mind that’s what your audience is thinking. Job seekers want to work for great companies, be compensated well and appreciated. Your job posting should convey that. Put a compensation range in the ad, other perks that may be included such as free membership, family discounts if available, continuing education contributions if offered, etc. The fitness industry is booming and employers need to be competitive. There are many perks that don’t cost much you can offer employees as a retention tool as well.

4. Be Proactive. Create a simple annual recruiting plan. Have a budget, calendar and recruiting outlets ( should be part of everyone's recruiting strategy, but should not be the only source). All of our job postings are cross-posted on Google for Jobs!

5. Manager’s Recruiting Tool Kit. Make sure anyone in the hiring process has the experience and training to do the job. They should also have the proper “Tools” to work with: Job descriptions, interview questions, compensation plans, offer letters, training programs, and an onboarding process.

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