Personal Training Manager
San Antonio, TX

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Le Jeune Fitness LLC DBA Anytime Fitness
8126 Tezel Rd
San Antonio, TX 78250
United States

Exercise / Fitness
Job Start Date
Manages Others
Experience Required
Degree Required
Security Clearance Required
From $20,000 To $55,000
Per Year    
Employment Type
Work Schedule
Full Time
Some Travel
Job Description

Personal Training Manager

An Anytime Fitness Personal Training Manager (PTM) is responsible for helping all members “get to a healthier place.” The PTM serves as a ‘guidance counselor’ to all members of the club, ‘educator and mentor’ for all training staff, and ’strategist’ for owner/manager. The PTM’s ultimate role is to manage the Member Onboarding Process which includes conducting the fitness consultation, determining the right combination of personnel and tools for each member, and managing the retention score to ensure meaningful touch points for the lifetime of the member.

The PTMworks in conjunction with the owner/manager in a customer service role: owners/managers help to get members in the front door and the PTM uses his/her team to keep people from leaving out the back door. Sales is also a focus, but the PTM will recognize that the sales may not be immediate. The PTM will also strategize, organize and promote programs across several areas including: Community, Self-Directed, Virtual, Group and Personal Training. The PTM will organize the training team, help with general upkeep of club and equipment and assist in community outreach to positively influence member acquisition.

While skills in training and programming are a plus, the PTM will function more as a customer service agent and leader. The PTM must possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities to provide a surprisingly personable experience to all members of the club in an effort to help each individual get to a healthier place.

Job Requirements
(In Club) Client Facing Responsibilities:
Fitness Consultations
New Member FCs (including research, review, reach out, follow up)
Existing Member Follow-up FCs (soliciting, scheduling, delivering, follow up)
Determine life-cycle of the member and assign any homework needed
If they purchase: get agreement set up and plan with trainer
If they do not purchase: develop a SOLID keep in touch strategy to continue cultivating the relationship
Virtual Group Fitness (Wellbeats/Wexer) Schedule
Staff the VGF classes with trainers (as necessary)
Trainers, to help build relationships with members, should be used on occasion to:
 Assist with scheduled classes (set room, equipment, check form, motivate)
 Be available after scheduled classes (answer questions, educate members about upcoming events)
 Provide suggestions for usage (classes, programs, technical support as appropriate)
Contact existing clients for feedback on trainer, progress, and overall satisfaction with results
Schedule weekly meetings with trainers to discuss upcoming renewals
Observe sessions to ensure trainers conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, and that sessions are safe,
motivating, and timely
Provide personal training to unhappy members to avoid future member cancellations
Provide personal training to members up for renewal as an incentive to re-join
Floor Time
Anticipate members’ needs (water refills, equipment assistance, general questions)
Get surprisingly personable (learn names, introduce yourself, learn about members)
Proactively market club programs & events (FCs, classes, sessions, etc.)
Miscellaneous cleaning & pick up
Keep in Touch Strategy
Completing detailed notes of all FCs & other member interactions
Follow up e-mails
Follow up phone calls
Manage virtual touch points & Retention Score Review
Non-Usage Report
Check in calls for members who have not visited the club in the last 90 days.
Prepare Educational Resources for Members
In club displays
Social Media
(Out of Club) Client Facing Responsibilities:
Community Events
Organize community outreach events
Facilitate community outreach events
Business to Business Relationships
Seminars for corporations
Fitness classes for corporations
Health Fairs for corporations
Member Experience Manager
Non-Client Facing Responsibilities:
Trainer acquisition
Trainer reviews
Trainer on-boarding and staff training
Build Team Culture by engaging with staff in a positive and enthusiastic manner (build excitement around events)
Maintain accurate trainer records such as PT certification, CPR/AED, liability insurance
Set up Small Group Training
Set up Group Training
Manage programming session schedules
Software Management & Tracking
Rendering FC’s
Scheduling of Clients and FC’s
Update of schedule
Recording notes as needed
Check Delinquents
Collect manual/delinquents
Reconcile drafts
Run Payroll for staff
Personal Continuing Education
Club Connect CEC Courses
Additional Virtual & Live Events
Check Anytime Fitness Dashboard
Stay up to date on Anytime Fitness general happenings
Review Personal Training & Programming ‘What’s New’ Section frequently
Le Jeune Fitness LLC DBA Anytime Fitness
Ross LaJeunesse
8126 Tezel Rd
San Antonio TX 78250
United States

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