Personal Trainer Jobs and Career Options

Alan Cohen

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As of February 28, 2012 there were over 125 jobs for personal trainers posted on plus an additional 75 positions for personal trainer managers and fitness department managers.

Why are there so many personal trainer job opportunities? Why are fitness positions expected to grow significantly over the next decade?
There are numerous reasons. First, the largest demographic in the U.S. is for the baby boomer generation. This generation is in need of one on one training for meeting personal health objectives, or many are in need of assistance due to medical reasons. Rehabilitation for injuries, surgeries and often working in conjunction with physical therapy rehab programs.

Also, there has been tremendous growth in senior housing and living facilities. These communities almost always have fitness and aquatics specialist helping residents with daily exercise programs to ensure their long-term health.

The baby boomer generation also has disposable income to invest in their health and can afford to pay for personal training sessions. Some people will spend between $600-$800 per month for personal training sessions.

Another group who work with personal trainers are those who can afford this luxury. And based on the growth and abundance of personal trainer jobs, there are plenty of people who can afford this one on one service!

For those wanting a career as a personal trainer, there are numerous vertical markets to work in. In addition to traditional health clubs there are over a dozen other areas where one can make a great living as a personal trainer. Trainers are needed in private country clubs, park and recreation departments, colleges and universities, resorts and spas, cruise lines, senior living facilities, medical fitness centers, hospitals, corporate fitness centers, YMCAs Jewish Community Centers, sports specific training centers, personal training studios and outdoor boot camps.

How does one become a personal trainer? There are numerous career paths to choose from. A college education in the exercise sciences and a personal training certification is a traditional path. Many companies will hire high school and college grads and put them through their own personal training certification program. Another option is online certification programs. There are many certification programs out there so anyone interested in obtaining a personal trainer certification should do their due diligence before selecting a program.

Alan Cohen, founder of recently wrote an eBook on How to Land Your Dream Fitness Job which has a wealth of information on certifications and other fitness career tracks to consider.

For those seeking employment as a personal trainer they should check out job postings on regularly. Job candidates can also set up job alerts and post resumes for free on
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