Membership Sales Director Interview Questions and Job Description

Alan Cohen


Position: Membership Sales Director




Why are you leaving your current employer?


How many salespeople have you supervised at one time?


How do you persuade your staff to follow you?


Give an example of how you actually did this.


How would you describe your management style?


How effective are you at closing sales? What is your secret?


What were your closing sales goals this past year and how well did you do?


What could you have done to improve these numbers?


Did you or your employer create the marketing plan?


What media was the most effective? Why?


Describe the record keeping system you use?


How well have your staff done in following this system?


What attributes does a good salesperson have?


What are your career goals for the next five years?


How does working here fit into those goals?


How much leeway do you give to your staff to make decisions?


How do you make certain your staff is held accountable?


What steps do you take before making decisions or solving problems?


How do you manage upward?


What do you think is important to document?


What do you do to ensure objectivity when evaluating your staff?


How have you helped to develop people you manage?


How do you motivate your staff? 


How do you get yourself out of a slump?


Do you feel it’s important to have regular meetings with your staff? What would you discuss in these meetings?


How much sales training have you had? Describe the training.


What type of training would you like your staff to have?


Do you workout at a fitness club? If so, what benefits do you derive from it?


This position is for a 40+hour workweek and includes some nights and weekends. You would be eligible for a one-week vacation after 6 months of employment. Can you maintain regular attendance within these perimeters?


Do you have any vacations planned for the next 12 months?


Review the job description in detail and then inquire “can you perform these essential job functions with or without reasonable accommodations?” If they need accommodations, ask them to list on paper their suggested reasonable accommodations.


If hired, can you provide proof of your eligibility to work in the United States?


Why do you want to work at this club?



Reports to:



Employee signature:



As Director you must manage the process of selling memberships in an ethical and friendly manner and create marketing opportunities to ensure reaching sales goals. These must be done within the budget guidelines.


Follow all club policies and procedures as outlined in the Employee Handbook


Sell memberships


Follow all standards, policies and procedures for hiring, disciplining appraising and terminating employees in accordance with the governing laws and Employee Handbook


Cover Manager on Duty hours as needed


Perform staff evaluations on a regular basis


Manage the sales process of telephone inquiries, tours, corporate presentations, upgrades, transfers and cancellations


Train staff in the successful and ethical way to do presentations and to close sales


Motivate sales staff on a daily basis


Reach monthly sales goals


Track all inquiries, tours and sales


Track the follow up calls made by staff


Monitor paper process of transactions for new sales, transfers, upgrades and cancellations


Schedule the staff hours and stay within the budget guidelines


Be knowledgeable of all club events and programs


Inform staff of these events and programs in writing or by calendar


Create marketing opportunities such as health fairs, corporate outreach and member and guest events


Help run and coordinate these events


Submit to management a monthly tracking sheet for all inquiries and sales


Analyze results of conversions from special promotions and discuss with management


Develop annual marketing plan with General Manager


Be liaison for advertising plans and keep clippings of all print ads by dates and type of promotion


Track response of each ad or event


Monitor layout and placement of ads


Schedule photographer for special events


Write profit and loss statements for membership promotions present to management in a timely manner


Attend all required management and club meetings


Attend all authorized sales and management seminars


Help create ads for newspaper, yellow pages and other media


Call 10 members a month (both new and current) to learn of their satisfaction with the membership


Be a problem solver for member’s complaint


Return all telephone calls within 24 hours


Develop and maintain a retention program for the 1st year members


Administer payroll including verifying commission and checking calculations


Develop department budget and explain in writing to management any monthly variances


Substitute for staff as needed


Hold weekly staff meetings reviewing department sales and events, setting goals, and praising the accomplishments


Be professionally attired and wearing name tag at all times


Maintain professional demeanor and a positive attitude at all times


Maintain regular attendance and punctuality


Be a team player



Two years of supervisory experience


Two years of proven sales experience


High school diploma (college degree preferred)


Above average math and communication skills both in writing and verbal


Computer experience and Contact Management and use of ACT or Goldmine software


Ability to motivate staff


Must have above average organizational skills


Must have friendly and outgoing personality


Have a strong customer service orientation


Have an affinity for fitness


Be CPR certified


Must be able to work flexible hours including some nights and weekends


Must be able to walk and stand for long periods of time


Must be able to hear, see, speak and have good verbal and written communication skills


Must be able to use telephone, paging systems and computer


Must be able to write and have above average math skills

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