Lagoon Foreman
Wesley Chapel, FL

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WTS International
Wesley Chapel, FL
United States

Job Description

The Lagoon Cleaning Foreman reports directly to the Lagoon Cleaning Supervisor.


• Ensures the "WTS Experience" for members and guests by maintaining the standards set in WTS' Basics to Excellence (BTE), WTS' Mission Statement/Values; Standards and Expectations, and WTS' Brand Standards.
• Adheres to policies of the facility and WTS International.
• Assists the Lagoon Cleaning Supervisor in the development and in collaboration with Crystal Lagoons a comprehensive standard facility operations manual for the cleaning of the lagoon, including written policies and procedures for maintaining a crystal lagoon, administration, and maintenance using the WTS operations template.
• Prepares any incident or accident reports and forwards them to the Lagoon Cleaning Supervisor and onsite General Manager.
• Assists with submission of all paperwork and financial reporting, when applicable, in accordance with WTS policy.
• Assists in the development of accurate department maintenance procedures and checklists through routine preventative maintenance logs. Ensures procedures are completed.
• Assist the Lagoon Cleaning Supervisor with collaborating with all vendors involved in the routine cleaning of the lagoon. This may include, but not limited to, Chemical vendor, supply vendor and Crystal Lagoons.
• Assist in ensuring a monthly inventory of supplies, equipment, and or products list is maintained. Assists the Lagoon Cleaning Supervisor with ordering of all lagoon supplies.
• Assist with maintaining lagoon filtration system, including but not limited to: troubleshooting pumps, filters, circulating system, chemical feeders, sanitation equipment, and providing minor repair and/or replacement as needed.
• Assists the Lagoon Cleaning Supervisor with maintaining lagoon systems, chemical balance, flow, pressures and sanitation in accordance with manufactures recommendations and/or any local, state, or federal standards and requirements.
• Maintains lagoon cleanliness through daily, weekly, monthly, cleaning schedules including brushing, skimming, vacuuming, automated cleaners, as other needs as required to provide a safe and clean environment for guests.
• Assists in assessing lagoon cleaning employees' progress continually; coaches employees with positive reinforcement, and when necessary informs Lagoon Cleaning Supervisor of any unfavorable behavior. Assists in annual performance evaluations, and, when necessary, assists in the termination process.
• Provides excellent customer service and monitors guest feedback through the use of comment cards and other customer care techniques. Supervises and follows up on department's guest requests and comments.
• Ensures facility is only accessed by actual members and/or guests, and that it is safe and secure at all times. This includes, but not limited to, back entrance and exits, perimeter fence entrances and exits and machine yard entrances and exits.
• Assists staff with lifting and storing facility equipment, furniture, and products to help maintain facility and prepare for special events. This could include hurricane preparations, thunderstorm preparation and any other event that would require the staff to prepare the facility.
• Other duties as assigned by the Lagoon Cleaning Supervisor


• Minimum of one-year experience in an aquatics related position.
• Supervisory experience preferred.
• CPO certified or willingness to obtain certification within the first 90 days of employment.
• Ability to lift 50 lbs.
• Ability to obtain CPR, First Aid & AED Certifications within 3 months of getting hired
• Excellent communication skills.
• Ability to work out in the elements in all types of weather.
• Ability to work in the lagoon water for long periods of time
• Ability to swim
• Efficient, well organized, and able to handle a variety of duties simultaneously.
• Professional manner, discretion, and appearance.
• Excellent verbal and written skills.
• Energetic, enthusiastic and motivational.
• Effective leadership skills and a strong work ethic.
• Normal work hours: Varied to include nights, weekends, and holidays.
• Proficient in appropriate computer skills and office equipment.
• Exposure to aquatic chemicals
• Exposure to extreme conditions hot/cold
• Exposure to machinery, moving parts, loud noises and excessive sunlight
• Ability to stand for long periods of time
• Ability to climb a 14 foot ladder
• Ability to frequently lift up to 40lbs and occasionally lift up to 50lbs
• Ability to perform repetitive tasks, and exhibit proper balance

Facility/Job Highlights

WTS International, Inc. is an equal employment opportunity employer that is committed to having a diverse work force.
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