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Navigating Job Loss in the Fitness Industry: Tips for Bouncing Back Stronger
No one really hears "You're Fired!" anymore, at least not as often, and mostly for legal reasons. Nonetheless, any type of job loss can be a traumatic event.
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Aquatic Careers: Enhancing Your Resume While Saving Lives
For young individuals venturing into the workforce, composing the initial line under the "Experience" section can pose a challenge. Many have yet to step into the realm of employment, making the acquisition of job experience a daunting task.
Are You Ready to Open Your Own Fitness Studio?
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7 Hot Job Markets That Fitness Job Seekers Never Apply To
When searching for jobs, many candidates apply for jobs only in the mainstream of the industry, which are health clubs.
Should You Relocate for a Fitness Industry Job? Pros and Cons
Opportunities come to us in many ways during our career. Through a job search, through personal referrals, our reputation, blogging, social media and more. From time to time there may be some good-looking opportunities that may require relocation.
How to Negotiate Higher Pay in the Fitness Industry: A Guide for Fitness Professionals
Getting Paid What you are Worth Getting “paid what you are worth” is an expression that’s been around forever. Are you getting paid what you’re worth?
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Are you contemplating a leap into a new career within the fitness industry? Assessing your situation and taking stock of your current career is a vital first step.
Fitness Career Advice - Which Vertical Market Should I Work In?
The information below is a chapter from founder, Alan Cohen's eBook: "How to Land Your Dream Fitness Job A Complete Guide to Finding Your Dream Job in the Health and Fitness Industry".
How to Excel in Your Personal Trainer Interview and Secure the Perfect Fitness Career
In the competitive realm of personal trainer jobs, aspiring candidates must strive to be more than just prepared—they need to be exceptionally over-prepared.
How to Fuel Your Body Working as a Personal Trainer
As a personal trainer, you understand the importance of a healthy diet but you can’t seem to find the time every day to prepare healthy meals.