Interviewing Questions and a Job Description for a Club Manager/Gym Manager Job

Alan Cohen


Position: Club Manager/Gym Manager




Why have you decided to make a change in your employment?


What do you like most about your current job? Least?


How many employees do you supervise?


What do you feel is the most difficult type of employee to supervise?


What is an ideal workday for you? (Usually the activities they mention first are of the most interest to the applicant.)


What has been a recurring problem at work that you wish had been solved?


How do you set and measure your goals?


What manager has inspired you the most and why?


How do you sell your ideas to your manager?


What do you need from management to feel motivated?


How do you motivate your staff?


How do you build trust and loyalty from your staff?


What systems do you use to ensure your staff’s accountability?


What types of things do you do to keep objective when evaluating your staff?


What standards do you require of your staff?


What are your work goals for the next five years?  How does this job fit into those goals?


What do you think was your most impressive contributions to your current job?


How do you prioritize your assigned projects or tasks?


Has there ever been a policy change where you really disagreed with management? If so, what did you do?


Do you believe in meeting regularly with your departmental staff? If so, how often would you suggest meeting?


What topics or agenda items would you discuss? (Hopefully they would have some “good job” topics.)


What organizational tools do you use to keep your projects, paperwork, and schedules on track?


What budgeting experience have you had? Please explain in detail.


How much revenue did your department generate last year?


What were your expenses?


Have you conducted any training classes for your staff? If so, what were they?


What additional training would you like to receive?


What type of performance feedback do you like to receive?


When you started new jobs, how did you establish good relationships with your co-workers?


What is your approach to handling conflict at work?


How do you get cooperation from other departments?


How much leeway do you give your employees to make decisions?

How do you maintain control?


Do you workout in a club? What benefits could come from a fitness program?


This position is for a 40+hour workweek including some nights and weekends. After 6 months’ employment you would be eligible for a one-week vacation. Can you maintain regular attendance within these perimeters?


Do you have any vacation already planned?


What computer skills do you have?


What are your housekeeping standards?


How much editing have you done for newsletters, bulletin boards, and flyers?


If hired, can you provide proof of your eligibility to work in the United States?


Why do you want to work here?


Review the job description in detail and the ask ”can you perform these essential job functions with or without reasonable accommodations?” If they need accommodations, have them write down their suggestions for reasonable accommodations.


Club Manager/Gym Manager Job Description


Reports to:



Employee signature:





The gym manager is to assist the owner with the supervision of employees and to help operate the club in a safe and profitable manner.


Follow all club policies and procedures as outlined in the Employee Handbook


Follow all standards, policies and procedures for hiring, disciplining, appraising and terminating employees in accordance with the governing laws and Employee Handbook


Supervise the front desk operations


Establish and maintain the policies and procedures for the front desk operation


Design and help teach the front desk training program which is to include greeting members and guests, check-in procedures, guest registration and collection of fees, program and event registration, membership inquiries, how to promote club events and programs, opening and closing procedures and any other subject management deems necessary.


Develop and manage the club’s events calendar


Perform daily accounts reconciliation of front desk cash and charges


Monitor front desk payroll and ensure meeting budget requirements


Analyze and write reports explaining each department’s monthly variances


Develop annual budget for any other department as requested by General Manager


Use an inventory control system for club supplies and keep accurate records


Keep supplies within the budget guidelines


Help with the club’s quality control for cleanliness, maintenance, friendly staff and customer service


Review all accident and incident reports and take appropriate action


Help resolve employee grievances and maintain an open door policy


Help resolve any member/guest issues


Respond to member concerns or suggestions


Return telephone calls within 24 hours


Maintain high customer service orientation


Hold 3-member focus groups a year with approximately 10 members each meeting


Prepare, distribute and analyze member surveys


Walk the club daily to inspect for cleanliness and that the fitness equipment is operational


Monitor any renovation or construction complies with state, local and federal building codes


Screen employee applications and do final round interviews for different departments as designated by General Manager


Be responsible for all personnel files and review them 2 times a year for completeness and compliance with governing laws


Ensure that no one starts to work (includes training) without first completing their Immigration form which includes copies proving the right to work in the United States


Help General Manager with construction or renovation projects


Lead some of the all staff meetings


Attend all management meetings and any department meetings as required


Help prepare club newsletter


Oversee all club bulletin boards


Be professionally attired and wear name tag at all times


Maintain punctuality and regular attendance


Maintain a positive attitude and professional demeanor at all times


Be a team player




Minimum of three years supervisory experience


Minimum of two years club experience


Have high school diploma (prefer some college)


Have above average math skills


Must be able to demonstrate good organization skills


Need good computer skills


Have very good communication skills both verbally and written


Can demonstrate above average leadership and judgment skills


Must be CPR certified


Must have good customer service orientation


Have a strong affinity for the product and have a high energy level


Must be able to perform multi-faceted tasks along with day-to-day tasks


Must be able to work flexible hours including some nights and weekends




Be able to walk and stand for long periods of time


Be able to see, hear, speak and write


Must be able to use computer, telephone and paging systems


Must be able to lift up to 40 lbs.


Needs to be able to handle pool and laundry chemicals if needed


Needs high energy level

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