How to Recruit Personal Trainers

Alan Cohen

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Identify who will be responsible for recruitment. Determine if the problem lies in recruiting or retaining personnel? Quite often, the retention of employees is directly linked to the hiring process. If you are in the ready-aim-hire mode, you may be creating a retention problem by making quick hiring decisions.

Create a Managers Hiring Tool Kit
Give hiring managers the tools to succeed. A good hiring tool kit should have 6 components:
1.Comprehensive job descriptions
2.Interviewing guidelines and questions
3.Compensation and benefit outlines
4.Employee handbook
5.Skills and assessment tests (as needed by position)
6.Background and employment verification tools (becoming increasingly more important)

Additionally, the team member responsible for heading up the recruitment process needs to train all supervisors and hiring managers, in order to make sure that all parties are comfortable with their new tools. All hiring managers need to become passionate about hiring top candidates.

Recruit like a Pro with Dynamic Job Postings
Take your time to create a great recruitment ad. Remember, you are selling your club, company culture, compensation/benefits, community, lifestyle and career potential.

It is important to reply to all candidates queries in a timely fashion. If they are qualified, interview them quickly, so they do not accept another position. All candidates should receive acknowledgment for applying - they may be a future hire or a possible member.

Recruit several times a year whether you need to or not. You ALWAYS want to know where your next hire is for every department. Your annual recruitment plan should be in writing, with specific timelines, just like your marketing plan. Eliminating staffing problems will accelerate your ability to create a healthier bottom line.

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