How to Negotiate Higher Pay

Alan Cohen

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Getting “paid what you are worth” is an expression that’s been around forever. Are you getting paid what you’re worth in your current fitness job?

It’s a lot easier these days to get a beat on compensation in the fitness industry that 10 years ago. Thanks to the Internet and all the different websites that have emerged: Google, Glassdoor, Indeed as examples. If you are ready to research health and fitness compensation plans there are a couple of ways to approach it. But first, look at the scenarios below and ask yourself a few questions:

1.   Do you feel like you are underpaid at your current job?

a.    Is it the company?

b.   Is it my position?

c.    Is it my immediate supervisor pulling the strings?

d.   Is it my education? Certifications or years of experience holding me back?

e.    Is it my job performance?

f.     Is it my attitude?

Some things you can control and some things you can’t.

As an example. Your company may have a reputation for lower wages, BUT people love the culture, values, and mission. They may provide job security, less stress, benefits and perks you may not find elsewhere. These intangibles have value; keep that in mind before jumping ship.

Strategy: Prepare in advance! At your next review, at the appropriate time, mention to your supervisor you would like to discuss opportunities to increase your compensation through either more responsibilities, education or any potential promotions that may come up in the future. 


You have opened the door for a professional, not emotional discussion about compensation.


You will hear from your boss how they/the company feels about the subject. When they are done talking, you will know where you stand and if there are any possibilities for economic advancement.

Let your supervisor know you love your job, company and just wanted them to know you are eager for a future within the organization.

2. You want to find a better job and a new company to work for.
This is a fun and exciting option! Ask yourself a few key questions:

a.    Am I CERTAIN I am ready to change jobs? (Doesn’t mean you are ready to quit. BECAUSE your best opportunity for negotiating greater pay is while you have a job).

b.   Is the timing right for a job search and potential move? (There’s a lot of moving parts to consider here).

c.    What do I see myself doing? It may be the same thing, just for another company making more money advancing my life and career. It may be in a different capacity.

d.   Have I done adequate research on compensation, organizations, cost of living, employee satisfaction and more?

When you are changing jobs with a new company you are in the driver’s seat!

1.    Never ask about compensation until the employer brings it up.

2.    Once you receive an offer, if you are interested in the job, let the hiring manager know you are very interested in the position and look forward to working with the company. Have them clarify anything that you may have questions on.

3.    Ask them when they’d like a decision.

4.    Let them know you’d like to review the offer with your family.

5.    Review the offer in detail at home. If there are quotas based on performance, make certain you understand every aspect of the plan. Write down all your questions.

6.    Contact the hiring manager and ask if you could set an appointment to discuss the job in further detail.

7.   KEEP this in mind: You will never be in a better position to negotiate compensation than RIGHT NOW!

8.    Bring your questions and notes. Let the hiring manager know you are very excited about the opportunity. There are a couple of questions you have. Discuss them.

9.    Common negotiable items: Paid time off, relocation allowance (Don’t accept just a dollar amount; ask for “Actual expenses” and make sure the company representative is connected to the movers as the payee), salary, bonus, short-term housing expenses, house hunting expenses and more!

When you are done reviewing your concerns, you may need to come back again to finalize an offer, as the hiring manager may need approval.

Take advantage of this very exciting opportunity. Make sure you do your homework if you are relocating. Study cost of living adjustments, parking fees, different insurance rates and more!

Make sure you give your old company proper notice and leave on a great note. Employers will remember your last couple of weeks, how you performed and your attitude more than your tenure at the job. Your fitness career has turned a new chapter; work hard and enjoy the ride!

 Alan Cohen is the Founder/President of and a career expert in the health and fitness industry. He can be reached by email: or by calling 800-259-4397.
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