Group Exercise Coordinator
Milwaukee, WI

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WTS International
Milwaukee, WI
United States

Job Description

WTS International, one of the world's leading spa and fitness management firms, is seeking a Group Exercise Coordinator in Milwaukee, WI. The Group Exercise Coordinator is responsible for directing all group exercise operations to include: developing and directing strategic planning efforts of group exercise program; maximizing participation while monitoring and controlling expenses to meet planned operating profits; recruiting, hiring, and training all group exercise instructors in accordance with established costs, procedures, and staffing needs; and providing leadership and opportunities for overall program growth and individual skill enhancement. Also, responsible for exceeding revenue targets in programming.


  • Ensures the "WTS Experience" for members and guests by maintaining the standards set in WTS' Basics to Excellence (BTE), WTS' Mission Statement/Values; Standards and Expectations, and WTS' Brand Standards.
  • Adheres to policies of the JCC and WTS International.
  • Maintains JCC values and the JCC mission.
  • Directly supervise all group exercise instructors.
  • Records each sub request and accurately records all data on the group exercise substitution record.
  • Coordinates recording of class attendance data consistently and submits class attendance numbers to Fitness Director and GM at the end of each month. Performs a weekly check of group exercise class numbers to ensure they are being recorded by instructors.
  • Checks spinning room maintenance log daily and takes appropriate action.
  • Performs a weekly check of equipment to ensure it's in working order and good condition (balls, mats, microphones, speakers, spinning computers, bike seats, etc.)
  • Assists Fitness Director in ordering equipment and parts for group exercise classes.
  • Works closely with Fitness Director to keep up with trends and make appropriate changes to group exercise schedule.
  • Develops, through use of a template, a monthly and yearly management report outlining key facility statistics and a summary of daily operations as they relate to the Group Exercise program.
  • Submits all paperwork and financial reporting for group exercise program, including payroll, in accordance with WTS policy.
  • Develops and maintains accurate facility maintenance procedures and checklists for group exercise program through routine preventative maintenance and repair. Maintains a preventative maintenance schedule for group exercise equipment.
  • Ensures fiscal responsibility through specialty programming revenue and efficient scheduling of department and/or facility and, when necessary, makes changes or plans to stay within budgetary guidelines while exceeding revenue budgeted.
  • Provides leadership in current trends and introduces new classes that generate revenue for the department.
  • Maintains a monthly inventory of supplies, equipment, and or products.
  • Writes articles or press releases for the facility, when applicable.
  • Creates a team of service providers to meet all aspects of professionalism and service demands.
  • Expected to teach 5-10 classes per week.
  • Arrives 5-10 minutes before the start of each class to prepare (e.g., music, sound equipment, lights, fans, etc.). Upholds this standard with the group exercise team for all classes taught at the JCC.
  • Ends each class promptly, ensuring that all equipment is properly stored; lights, sound system, and fans are turned off (if appropriate); and returns the microphone and any borrowed CDs.
  • Conducts safe and effective fitness classes, each of which should include a warm-up, cool-down, and stretch for all major muscles groups, as well as cardio and/or strength training segments when appropriate. Offers variations to accommodate most if not all class participants.
  • Recognizes and reports signs of distress in class participants and follows the emergency plan of action.
  • Coordinates quarterly staff meetings and trainings as scheduled.
  • Maintains a fully staffed department and/or facility by recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training all staff. Must sub or organize any last-minute needs when a class cannot be covered. Goal is to have 100% compliance with schedule. Worst case scenario is to cancel no more than 2 classes per week out of all class offerings.
  • Ensures the staff is fully knowledgeable on the use and benefits of services, products, programs, and activities by conducting regularly scheduled staff meetings and training workshops.
  • Ensures appropriate department and/or facility supervisory coverage through use of a Manager on Duty (MOD) system and participates in the MOD schedule.
  • Assesses all department employees' progress continually; coaches employees with positive reinforcement, and disciplines, when necessary, fairly and consistently; participates in annual performance evaluations, and, when necessary, assists in the termination process.
  • Provides excellent customer service and monitors guest feedback through the use of comment cards and other customer care techniques. Supervises and follows up on guest requests and comments within 24 hours.
  • Creates and implements an effective marketing and public relations strategy for group exercise in a timely manner.
  • Creates, maintains, and updates an extremely diverse and enjoyable schedule of group exercise classes.
  • Develops member participation, retention, and recruitment plans; outlining in detail all promotions, group exercise programs, and any expenditures.
  • Cross promotes with all other JCC departments on a regular basis.
  • Contacts non-active members and invites them to social events or exercise classes.
  • Designs, with the use of templates, forms, flyers, and promotional materials to be utilized in daily facility operations and promotions for the group exercise program.
  • Tracks headcount for each class and reports the data to the Fitness Director and General Manager monthly. Goal is for each class to have a minimum of 8 participants and average 15-20 participants per class across the board.
  • Ensures all instructors are current in first aid, CPR and instructor certifications, where appropriate.
  • Maintains quality control of group exercise program.
  • Prepares any incident or accident reports and forwards them to the General Manager.
  • Reviews and discusses any client suggestions with the General Manager at staff meetings.
  • Maintains group exercise bulletin board(s).


  • Certification from a nationally recognized agency (ACE, AFAA, ACSM, AEA, WITS, It's Yoga, YogaFit)
  • Excellent group exercise instructor in 2 or more class formats with at least 3 years of experience.
  • Current first aid, CPR, and other safety certifications when required by the client.
  • Minimum of one-year supervisory experience in a health facility setting.
  • Must be able to lift 45-pound weight plates.
  • Excellent customer service skills.
  • Efficient, well organized, and able to handle a variety of duties simultaneously.
  • Professional manner, discretion, and appearance.
  • Excellent verbal and written skills.
  • Energetic, enthusiastic and motivational.
  • Effective leadership skills and strong work ethic.

Facility/Job Highlights

WTS International, Inc. is an equal employment opportunity employer that is committed to having a diverse work force.
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