General Manager
Brooklyn , NY

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Brooklyn Boulders LLC
575 Degraw Street
Brooklyn , NY 11217
United States

Exercise / Fitness
Manages Others
Experience Required
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Work Schedule
Full Time
Some Travel
Job Description
OUR STORY: In 2009 Brooklyn Boulders (also known as “BKB”) opened its first facility in an old newspaper factory in Brooklyn, NY. Since then, we've grown and evolved beyond what we even thought was possible. Inspired by climbing and community, we're setting out to revolutionize the climbing and fitness industries by integrating them with unique art, culture, and entrepreneurship experiences.
We live and breathe our CORE VALUES. They’re what makes BKB…BKB!
GET WEIRD Be yourself. BKB is your creative playground.
CO-CREATE Trust your team. Results are stronger when we collaborate.
BE RELENTLESS Take risks. Fall hard. Get back up.
MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL Create something extraordinary. Be proud to share it. Never stop improving.
ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING Approach challenges with confidence and grit.

WE ARE: Combining work, life, and play. We're creating and fostering a diverse community of climbers, creatives, fitness enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs all under one roof. Our community is our lifeblood. Whether it's through special events, climbing classes, or everyday interactions in our collaborative workspaces, our work is motivated by our commitment to providing them with inspiring experiences and exceptional opportunities.

The role of the General Manager (GM) is to lead, inspire, and guide a team to success and to make informed decisions which improve the brand based on BKB’s Core Values and Mission Statement. Additionally, it is the GM’s responsibility to co-create, communicate and manage goals and operating expectations for the entire staff and facility in accordance with BKB operating standards. The General Manager will also work closely with Forum Leaders to manage departmental goals within their facility, standards, expectations, and more. The General Manager should understand and identify business needs dynamically and work to meet them. Projecting business needs, budgets, and opportunities is also an important part of the GM’s role. Once these needs are identified, the General Manager coordinates Support Teams, Product Teams, and Community Experience teams to drive success from concept to execution and beyond. Lastly, the GM is to report finances, P&L, and other data to the Executive Team regularly. Ultimately, the GM is accountable for success, failures, performance, participation, growth, revenues and profitability of their facility.
The GM is responsible for the success of their respective facility. They ensure that targeted profit margins and consistently improving services and offerings are achieved. They are responsible for managing Support Teams, as well as ensuring that The Community Experience Team is closely tied to the Product Managers for optimum execution. The General Managers will develop goals and spending constraints based on departmental profit & loss (P&L), goals, and expectations for the PM, CX and Support Managers in collaboration with the respective Director for cohesion, vision, and support. All of the above is tied directly to the BKB brand, Core Values and Mission Statement. The GM acts as a guardian and ambassador of the brand, innovating and creatively pushing it forward based on the needs and feedback of the local community/market.
Lastly, the GM will report directly to the VP of Sales and Operations the needs of their facility and will work proactively to ensure their facility is operating within the goals and expectations of the company.
The GM owns the success and direction of their facility or region and are encouraged to innovate and drive improvement from the bottom up in the organization.

It’s time to get weird with Brooklyn Boulders.

Community Experience: Ensure smooth operations and a vibrant culture. Atmosphere, staff training, service and offerings are four of many key components to maintaining a high level of “white glove” service for our community members. Proactively seek community feedback and adapt offerings and service accordingly. Make it Beautiful, Attitude is everything, Get Weird.
Team: Team morale and policy compliance, involved in hiring and interview process, building, developing and mentoring your team to success, disciplinary action as needed. Coordination with Operations Team on employment standards, work expectation, and employee workflow. Ensure our employees and teams embody BKB’s Core Values and Mission Statement. INSPIRE
Expectation & Project Management: Act as mediator/facilitator between Support Teams, Product Teams, and Community Experience teams. Act as choreographer for all departments as they work together to co-create and innovate on new products and initiatives. PRIORITIZE & MANAGE the workflow of your teams to maximize output of business value including profit margin, staff engagement and community engagement and minimize effort.
Inject BKB’s Core Values and Mission Statement into all decisions, projects, processes, systems and teams. BE RELENTLESS.
Policy Development & Implementation: Identify business needs, set staff expectations in coordination with Culture and Operations teams.
Communication: Ensure smooth and effective levels of transparency and communication upstream, downstream, laterally, across departments, etc. Lead meetings, set agendas as needed, and drive processes and communication channels. CO-CREATE.
Facility management: Maintain operational excellence within or exceeding industry standards. Ensure facility is clean, “safe”, and compliant with all local and state laws and regulations.
Expenses, Budgets & Spending: Proactively manage, develop, and implement budgets and spending controls in collaboration with The Controller. Work diligently with VP of Sales & Operations, Forum Leaders and Managers to empower teams with the ability to grow while maintaining tight controls over spending.
Payroll & Staffing: Maintain a close eye on scheduling, staffing needs, and payroll. Interview, hire, train, schedule, motivate, direct, coach, and evaluate hourly facility staff, cultivating a community experience focused team that is committed to exceeding facility and company goals.
Act as a leader, guiding staff and Management Team daily to achieve their true greatness. Be inspiring!
Manage the day-to-day operations of the facility as related to:
Keep Exec Team abreast of all developments and milestones as well as weekly P&L
Drive community outreach to engage guests and members in ways unconventional to the fitness industry.
Collaborate with VP of Sales & Operations on identifying and addressing needs. Develop and execute solutions and make specific recommendations to constantly improve.
Ensure facility is operating within the framework of business goals, Core Values and Mission Statement.
Be an ambassador to your teams, evangelizing the business goals, high level visions, and plans. Proactively seek these from the Executive Team for proper communication with your team
Previous management experience required
Minimum 2 years of management experience in the service industry
Project Management experience is a plus - background in agile service practices and lean operations is ideal
Employer Contact Information
Brooklyn Boulders LLC
Amy Rishko
575 Degraw Street
Brooklyn NY 11217
United States

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