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When should a health club, gym or fitness studio hire a fitness staffing firm? There are several reasons to outsource recruitment.

1.When an owner wants to replace a key management employee and keep the search confidential.

2. When franchisees are opening a new club and they are overwhelmed with all the other responsibilities and moving parts.

3. When a new franchise is coming from outside the fitness industry and could benefit from experts in the field to help them recruit top talent.

4. When the demands of recruiting are overwhelming the current staff.

5. When the current process is not getting favorable results; resulting in constant turnover and poor financial performance.

6. When ownership decides to make a commitment to developing a top-performing team and not excepting poor performance any longer.

7. Are you a multiple-location owner, getting bogged down with recruiting?

The above 7 reasons to hire a fitness staffing firm are commonplace in the fitness industry as well as most small to medium-sized businesses. Recruiting, interviewing, hiring, onboarding and training employees is a lot of work and requires a professional approach. No one wants to waste resources on bad hires! has been a proven recruitment source for over 20 years. Whether your club needs General Managers, Club Managers, Fitness and Wellness Directors, Sales Reps, Personal Trainers, Instructors or anything in between, we can handle your recruitment needs while saving you valuable time and money.

The recruitment process that we provide includes:
1. An in-depth consultation with our clients to determine the needs and the scope of the position. 
2. A job description and compensation plan review and recommendations.
3. A marketing plan to best determine where job postings should be placed. We believe strongly in "not putting all the eggs in one basket". (Client pays pre-approved marketing expense). We save our clients money as we are experts in managing the media companies job posting platforms: Indeed, Linkedin, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor and others. And of course, is always free for our clients.
4. We review all the resumes identifying candidates that meet our specific requirements.
5. We conduct phone interviews to narrow down the list of compatible candidates.
6. We send our clients the resumes for review and see if they are interested in a phone or face to face interview with the candidate.
7. We help coordinate a convenient time for both parties.
8. We are available for discussions about all interviewed candidates.
9. We assist in finalizing a job description, compensation plan, and offer letter.
Many fitness businesses don’t want to reach out for help from a fitness staffing firm because they think this type of service will be very expensive. “Not so,” says Alan Cohen, founder and President of The easiest way to justify the cost is by doing a quick assessment of your current financial performance. If your fitness business is not meeting your financial expectations and has been performing at that level for over 12 months, it’s time to right the ship.

The cost of a fitness staffing firm is much lower than years past because of technology. You may need short-term assistance or choose to outsource some of your staffing requirements long-term. There are lots of options available. If your health club, gym or studio would like a complimentary assessment of your recruiting process, contact Alan Cohen at 800-259-4397.


Alan Cohen is a seasoned expert in the fitness field and an outstanding recruiter of talented staff for your business. As the owner of my own Anytime Fitness for 6 years, I have utilized his talents to recruit managers and elite trainers.

I would highly recommend his services if you are a busy operator or need staff when opening a new club. You won’t be disappointed.

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