Fitness Director Job Interview Questions and Job Description

Alan Cohen

This blog article on has a copy of interview questions for a Fitness Director/Fitness Manager plus a quality job description.




Position: Fitness Director




Why are you interested in leaving your current employer?


What’s the largest number of employees you’ve had to supervise at one time?


How many employees have you had to terminate? Which one was the most difficult?


When you’ve had to discipline an employee, what was your strategy?


How do you develop loyalty and trust in your employees?


How do you ensure objectivity when you evaluate your employees?


How would you describe your management style? How would your employees describe it?

What was the style of the best manager you’ve had?


What’s the most difficult type of employee for you to manage? Why?


How would you deal with an employee who had a bad attitude?


Describe your approach to making decisions and solving problems.


How do you assemble relevant data to make your decisions?


Do you feel the chain of command is important?


What do you think is important to document? How do you document it?


What responsibility have you had for budgeting?


What were the total expenses for your department?


How much revenue did your department generate last year?


How would you estimate expenses and budgets?


How do you assess priorities? How do you stay organized?


Describe a situation where you gave excellent customer service. How would you train your staff for customer service orientation?


Explain to me step by step the procedure you have for designing a fitness program for a member. What if they have a disability?


What would you consider to be some health risk factors in a fitness program?


In what areas would you think your staff should have extra training?


What certifications do you currently have?


This position is for 40+hours per week and may include some nights and weekends. You would be entitled to a one-week vacation after 6 months of employment. Can you maintain regular attendance under these specifics?


Do you have any vacations already planned?


Review the job description in detail and ask if they can perform these essential functions with or without reasonable accommodation? (If they need reasonable accommodation, ask them to list their needs on a piece of paper)


If hired, can you provide proof of your eligibility to work in the United States?


Why do you want to work here?


 Fitness Director Job Description




Reports to:



Employee signature:





The Fitness Director manages the quality of programs by setting and maintaining high standards, hiring and training qualified staff and providing a safe and friendly fitness environment for members and guests



Follow all club policies and procedures as outlined in the Employee Handbook


Follow all standards, policies and procedures for hiring, disciplining, appraising and terminating employees in accordance with the governing laws and Employee Handbook


Cover Manager on Duty hours as required


Make certain that staff has current required certifications and keep log to assist in maintaining this information


Evaluate employee performance on a regular basis


Create in-house training programs to help keep staff current and to keep them motivated


Maintain training records of subject matter and who attended


Maintain copies of personal trainer’s payroll sheets listing appointments


Make follow up calls to learn of a member’s satisfaction (5 per month)


Audit all staff payroll records


Hold monthly meetings with fitness instructors and personal trainers to develop, promote and implement fitness programs


Prepare separate P/L budget reports for each individual event and program


Establish and maintain standards for new member fitness orientations


Establish and maintain standards for Personal and Group trainers


Call 5 different members each month to learn of their suggestions or dissatisfactions with the fitness department


Ensure that all equipment is clean and in good and proper working order


Schedule on-going cleaning and repair for equipment


Make recommendations for new equipment


Establish a quality control procedure for all fitness programs and events


Communicate to management any new fitness programs and ask them to help promote


Be knowledgeable and promote all club programs


Train staff to promote all club programs


Prepare department budget and explain monthly variances to management and what adjustments will be made


Participate in management meetings and club staff meetings


Provide management with an annual calendar of educational and motivational fitness programs for member, member and guest, and member and staff


Continue your fitness education by taking accredited classes, attending industry seminars and reading about new concepts


Serve as consultant to other fitness department staff


Promote member retention by working with management for new ideas and implementation plans


Be a customer service advocate and lead by example


Return all phone calls within 24 hours and be punctual for appointments and meetings


Maintain regular attendance


Maintain a positive attitude at all times


Be professionally attired and wear name tag while in facility




Bachelor degree in physical education or related field


Three to five years experience in a health and fitness facility


Minimum of two years management experience


Must have current Personal Training certification (ACE, NSCA, ACSM, ISSAonline or AFAA)


Must have current CPR and First Aid certifications


Must be able to design programs for members while incorporating member’s goals and needs


Must be able to demonstrate knowledge of fitness and exercise principles and major health risk factors


Needs to have excellent organization and supervisory skills


Needs excellent communication skills both verbal and written


Must have some computer skills


Must be able to work flexible hours including some nights and weekends




Ability to see, hear, speak and write


Be able to stand or walk for long periods of time


Must be able to demonstrate proper equipment usage both verbally and physically


Using equipment will require lifting, bending, reaching, pushing, pulling and squatting


Will need to use the telephone, paging system and computer


Must be able to return weights to weight stacks

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