Double Your Personal Training Revenues

Alan Cohen

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Double Your Personal Training Revenues

Rarely do I ever promote anything but, but the information I am going to share below has the ability to help my entire audience become exponentially more successful.


It is a simple concept that involves having the majority of your members participating in 1-1 training, versus the minority of members, which is the current model. Your trainers will be coaching new clients by monitoring their workouts and progress using a heart rate monitor, Smart scale and nutrition program that all sync with a branded club fitness coaching app.

This solution provides an amazing service at a fraction of the cost for the member, compared to traditional personal training and a fraction of the time commitment for your trainers. Everyone wins.


In addition to helping your members get amazing results from their workouts, they will likely, keep their membership, as it now has much greater value to them; more engagement = better results = member retention.

Check out the website: for more information. 

If you would be interested in participating in a pilot program, contact me at your earliest convenience and I will forward more details on to you. Email me at


Yours in health,

Alan Cohen, President

Toll-Free: 800-259-4397

P.S. We’ve seen clubs double their PT numbers in 6 weeks.

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