Cincinnati, OH

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WTS International
Cincinnati, OH
United States

Job Description

The registered dietitian nutritionists plans, organizes, and conducts dietetic education for residents and employees.


1. Develops and implements a nutritional plan based on an assessment of nutritional needs. This plan is may include recommendations from other team members which will include:

A. Provide appropriate counseling to individuals and families

B. Evaluate and instruct on nutritional principles, dietary plans, food selection and economics.

C. Adapt plans to the individual's life style, as indicated.

D. Reevaluate nutritional care by providing follow-up sessions.

3. Records subjective and objective information, assessment, treatment plan, in the notes including a nutrition plan for resident

4. Maintains confidentiality and safety of resident records.

5. Conducts presentations and informational sessions on basic nutrition concepts

6. Provides resources and education on eating out, grocery shopping, meal preparation and food safety

7. Complies with the Organization's policies and procedures.
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