Club Manager
Emporia, KS

Genesis Health Clubs
Emporia, KS 66801
United States

Job Description

Job Title:
Club Manager

Reports To: Regional Director

Expected Results: In Support of the Genesis Intentional Culture

1. Purpose: The Club Manager leads the club in accordance with the Genesis Purpose, treating staff as family and working diligently to help people take charge of their health!

2. Mission: The Club Manager ensures the Genesis Mission is executed to the fullest extent within the club, fulfilling the commitment we make to members regarding the quality of their club experience and our ownership of their health and fitness results.

3. Values: The Club Manager behaves in accordance with the Genesis Values, setting the bar for the standards and principles of behavior that are essential to fulfilling the company’s Purpose and executing its Mission.

4. Tools: The Club Manager uses the Genesis Awareness, Communication, and Conflict Resolution Tools to facilitate effective operations throughout the club.

5. Brand Absolutes: The Club Manager models and reinforces all five Genesis Brand Absolutes for the team, supporting and building a positive reputation of the Genesis Brand in the community.

Responsibilities and Expected Results: In Support of Club Performance & Member Experience

1. Club Sales & Draft Performance:

· Club Sales: The Club Manager is responsible for the club hitting Sales Unit Goals every period; the CM is 100% competent with the Genesis Sales Process and manages all Department KPIs:

i. Prospecting and Lead Generation

1. Ensure daily and consistent prospecting, outreach and networking activities are being accomplished to meet the club sales goals.

2. Achieve Call and Appointment KPIs daily.

3. Distribute and utilize all marketing materials and work with the Marketing Department to maximize guest traffic.

4. Participate in 100% of Call Parties and Club/Community Events.

ii. Managing Guest Traffic

1. Ensure the proper handling of all web leads, telephone inquiries, and club’s guest traffic.

2. Ensure the proper utilization and accuracy of the Genesis Digital Guest Waiver and CRM System (Club Sales)

3. Ensure all guests are being handled correctly, are all properly logged and 50% of them are being enrolled on their first visit.

iii. Value Tours, Price Preso, TOs and Closing

1. Demonstrate 100% competence with all sales tools; ensure the Sales Team is thoroughly trained and highly effective in each area.

2. Ensure sales process is conducted with integrity, transparency, and in compliance with all membership requirements.

iv. New Member Onboarding & Follow Up

1. Ensure proper member onboarding 70% PFA’s, 50% RBT completion, 40% Group attendance.

2. Ensure all new member follow up activities are taking place per company guidelines.

· Club Draft: The Club Manager owns every aspect of the Club Draft and maintains 100% focus on its growth and performance.

i. Ensure Club Save Percentage is at least 10%

ii. Perform Saves in real time; follows up with every canceled member within 48 hours for Save attempt

iii. Support Member Services and OM with Problem Call List

iv. Consistently communicate with Regional Director regarding Draft performance, action plans, draft problems.

2. Member Experience

· The Club Manager embraces the role of Mayor of the Club, and works daily to build authentic, energized, life-long relationships with members and team.

· The Club Manager is responsible for effective facilitation of Member comment card/club feedback systems, and General Web Inquiries within 24 hours.

· The Club Manager facilitates supportive resolution of member concerns & issues within 24 hours, seeking to find a “win” for both the club and the member.

· The Club Manager is responsible for planning, marketing and executing Club Events; including but not limited to: TGIF, Christmas Party, Food Drive/Giving Tree, Open Houses, Fitness Challenges, etc.

· The Club Manager performs a daily club walk to inspect the facilities, equipment and club cleanliness; takes immediate action to remedy issues in real time.

· The Club Manager monitors work order system daily and works with maintenance team to ensure open work orders are completed/parts ordered within 24 hours.

· The Club Manager manages all Outside Service companies utilized by the club: landscaping, overnight cleaning, fire safety, Health Department, etc.

· The Club Manager communicates all club-specific A/P needs to Accounting Department and ensures invoices are paid in a timely manner.

3. Team Experience

· The Club Manager actively shapes the culture and environment of the club, and consistently invests in the lives of the team through leadership training, job-specific training, and building genuine personal relationships.

· The Club Manager provides direct leadership support to all Department Managers at work in the club and ensures success of all club products, services & operations.

· The Club Manager oversees the Hiring and Onboarding System at the club, actively participates in the recruiting and hiring process, and ensures appropriate staffing and scheduling throughout the club 100% of the time.

· The Club Manager is 100% competent with Genesis 101 material and ensures execution of the 101 System in all departments per company guidelines.

· The Club Manager ensures that the Performance Management System is operating appropriately and consistently throughout the club; the CM is involved in every Final Warning and Employment Termination, working in conjunction with Genesis HR Team to maintain best practice compliance.

· The Club Manager conducts informational meetings with Club Leadership Team on a regular cadence in support of effective operations.

Position Qualifications and Requirements

Qualifications – Club Manager

· Genuine passion for people, fitness, hard work, and leadership

· Minimum 3 years of management experience appropriate to the position

· Minimum 3 years of experience working in sales, fitness, or hospitality field

· College degree strongly preferred

· Ability to run Excel, Word, Outlook and other software packages used by the company

· Effective communication, conflict resolution, and time management skills

Requirements – Club Manager

· This position is full-time with a variable schedule; the ability to work days, evenings, and weekends according to the needs of the club

· Regular and consistent use of the facilities; participation in Group Exercise programming

· Reliable transportation to and from work

· This position has an inherent amount of physical and mental stress; all candidates must be prepared and capable of adapting to such conditions

· This position requires physical exertion; standing, walking, lifting, handling, thinking, problem solving, calculating are all required and often constant.

· CPR and First Aid Certification required

Genesis Health Clubs

Genesis Health Clubs now has 60 locations! Genesis offers the most well rounded fitness experience in the Midwest. Each location provides cardio and weight training equipment, group fitness classes, personal trainers, yoga, Pilates and much more. Membership opportunities include single, couple, family and corporate. You'll find that our facilities, services and professional staff offer you everything you need to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Each club also provides specialized amenities and services including child care, tanning, basketball courts, steam rooms, tennis courts, Yoga/Pilates studios and more.

For those who would like the guidance and motivation of a fitness expert, Genesis can provide nationally certified personal trainer who can help guide and teach members how to get in shape safely and effectively. Our personal trainers genuinely care and work to help members succeed. Because our members are one of a kind, their exercise plan should be too.

Genesis offers a wide-range of classes including step aerobics, Zumba, cycling, to muscular strength and Group Power to kick boxing and mind-body offerings like Pilates and yoga.
Genesis Health Clubs also operates many other brands in the fitness and family entertainment spaces including Trampoline Parks, Water Parks, Ice Skating Facilities, Meal Prep Services, Baseball Tournament Facilities, and much more.
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