Boost Your Team with the Power of Referrals

Alan Cohen

 Boost Your Team with the Power of Referrals

In the dynamic world of health and fitness, building a strong team is essential to providing exceptional experiences for your members. We understand the challenges you face in finding the right candidates to join your front-line staff. That's why we're excited to introduce an effective solution that benefits both your employees and your business – the Employee Referral Program.

Why an Employee Referral Program?

Picture this: a streamlined approach to staff recruitment that not only reduces costs but also aligns seamlessly with your company culture. The Employee Referral Program is a win-win, empowering your team while delivering lasting benefits for your fitness center. Here's why it works:

Engaged Employees: The program taps into the power of your team's network. By incentivizing referrals, your employees become active participants in shaping the future of your club.

The referral program really works well for front desk associates, personal trainers
group fitness instructors, membership representatives, lifeguards and spa staff. 

Savings in Dollars and Time: Say goodbye to hefty recruiting expenses. With referrals, you can cut costs and redirect resources towards enhancing member experiences.

Cultural Fit: Your employees understand the unique vibe of your fitness center better than anyone. Referrals often bring in candidates who resonate with your ethos and values.

Making it Work:

Launching a successful Employee Referral Program requires clarity and commitment. When your team understands that a referral reflects not only on the candidate but also on themselves, you foster a sense of responsibility. Here's a suggested approach:

Referral Value: Tailor the program to fit your budget. For instance:

 - A $50 total value for each referral

 - $25 rewarded after 30-45 days of successful employment

 - Remaining $25 granted at the 6-month mark

* You may consider adding a different reward system  for revenue producing team members such as membership, personal trainers and spa staff.

Endless Customization: Our program adapts to your preferences. Customize the rewards and timeline to match your unique needs.

Proven Success: Drawing from years of industry experience, we know the value of an effective referral program. It's a proven method to attract dedicated individuals to your team.

Explore New Avenues:

As a leader in the fitness industry, you have a myriad of options for recruitment. However, investing in your own team's network can yield unmatched results. Our Employee Referral Program doesn't replace your existing strategies but complements them, allowing you to focus your recruiting dollars on specialized positions.

Elevate your team, enhance your club – all through the strength of referrals.

Alan Cohen, Founder and President of, is your industry insider. With over 35 years of experience, Alan is committed to building bridges between employers and employees. Visit for insightful articles and information that can transform your recruitment strategies.

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