Aquatics Instructor
Denver, CO

Arch Amenities Group
Denver, CO 80246
United States

Job Description
$25 to $36 per hour

Arch Amenities Group is a renowned spa, fitness, and leisure firm recognized as a global leader in the industry. We are seeking Swim Instructors to join our fitness and aquatics facility in Southeast Denver. If you are passionate about swimming and enjoy teaching others, we invite you to join our team.

  • Conduct group and private swim lessons for individuals of all ages and skill levels, demonstrating a thorough understanding of the skills required for each level.

  • Advise parents on appropriate class enrollment levels for children, ensuring a tailored learning experience.

  • Stay updated on registration processes and current class schedules to provide accurate information to participants.

  • Maintain effective communication with the reception desk regarding classes and programming to ensure seamless operations.

  • Prepare award certificates, patches, and cards for participants upon course completion, recognizing their achievements.

  • Ensure the safety of all swimmers through preventative measures and vigilance for hazardous situations.

  • Enforce all pool rules and regulations in a courteous manner to create a safe and enjoyable environment.

  • Be prepared to respond promptly to any emergencies in the water or deck area, prioritizing safety.

  • Demonstrate expertise in all aquatic information and programming, staying informed about industry trends and best practices.

  • Maintaining a professional appearance with appropriate dress and uniform reflects our commitment to excellence.

  • Demonstrate punctuality and timeliness when reporting to work, setting a positive example for participants.

  • Submit required class records in a timely manner, ensuring accurate documentation of participant progress.

  • Maintain a safe, clean, and orderly aquatic area, contributing to a welcoming atmosphere.

  • Perform any other duties as assigned, supporting the facility's overall success.


  • Preferred high school education.

  • CPR/AED/First Aid certification is preferred, ensuring the ability to respond effectively to emergencies.

  • Previous experience working with diverse age groups, demonstrating your ability to adapt to varying skill levels.

  • Strong leadership skills and a dedicated work ethic, contributing to a positive team dynamic.

  • A positive and enthusiastic attitude towards the job and facility inspires participants and colleagues.

  • Ability to troubleshoot and anticipate problems effectively, ensuring smooth lesson delivery.

  • Demonstrated ability to work cooperatively and promote a productive team environment, fostering a sense of unity.

  • Exhibit professionalism, confidence, and tact in communicating with participants, maintaining high customer service.

  • Display consistent integrity, dependability, and responsibility, meeting deadlines as required.

  • Effective verbal and written communication skills, facilitating clear and informative interactions.

  • Adaptable and flexible in handling stressful or unusual situations, showcasing your problem-solving abilities.

  • Excellent customer service skills, ensuring participants have a positive experience.

  • Energetic, enthusiastic, and motivational approach to teaching, making learning enjoyable.

  • Maintain a professional and discreet manner and appearance, upholding our standards of excellence.

  • Ability to take initiative and make necessary decisions, showing leadership in challenging situations.

  • Physical capabilities to stand for extended periods and lift up to 50 lbs, ensuring the safety of participants.

  • Awareness of proper body mechanics to prevent injuries, prioritizing safety in all activities.

  • Willingness to work varied hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays, to accommodate our facility's schedule.

Arch Amenities Group promotes equal employment opportunities and is committed to fostering a diverse workforce.
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