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Powerful Presence Across Industries
Welcome to FitnessJobs.com, the nucleus of our interconnected job board network. Encompassing AquaticsCareers.com, FitnessJobs.com, NutriJobs.com, ParkandRecreationJobs.com, and SpaandSalonJobs.com. We ensure no sector is left untouched. Your job listings permeate every corner of our domains, guaranteeing widespread visibility and optimizing your hiring potential.

FitnessJobs.com was founded in 1998 by Alan Cohen, a seasoned veteran with over 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. FitnessJobs.com is celebrating its 25th year anniversary, serving the health, fitness, recreation, aquatics, and spa industries.

With an unwavering passion for hiring the best talent available, Alan's philosophy has always been simple yet powerful: assembling a great team of individuals is the key to making any club or company successful and profitable.

With his vast expertise and a profound understanding of the industry's needs, Alan founded FitnessJobs.com to provide top-notch recruitment services.

Today, FitnessJobs.com stands as a platform that empowers employers to connect with top talent swiftly and efficiently, ensuring the growth and success of health and fitness companies across the nation.


FitnessJobs.com offers a variety of recruitment solutions for the health and fitness industry, across all vertical markets:
Health clubs, fitness centers, gyms, boutique fitness studios, park and recreation departments, senior living facilities, hotels and resorts, medical fitness centers, country clubs, YMCA’s, JCC’s, and aquatic centers.

Job Posting Services
 - The first fitness industry job recruitment resource with a proven 25-year history of delivering experienced, qualified health and fitness professionals to fill any and all open positions; FAST. We offer a variety of job posting services including 30-days, 60-days, and unlimited job posting subscriptions.

Executive Recruitment - Exclusively for the health and fitness industry, we offer confidential search services for senior managers, general managers, and department managers. Take advantage of our 35+ years of experience when filling key management positions for your company.

Fitness Staffing Services 
Many fitness organizations are realizing that in order for their company to become profitable and successful, they need to have a top-notch team. They also realize recruiting, hiring and retaining top fitness talent requires a tremendous amount of time, resources and expertise that they may not have. FitnessJobs.com can be a short-term or long-term solution to assist in staffing services for individual clubs, franchise clubs or small to medium-sized organizations.

Automatic Job Posting Uploads for multi-location employers.
Our technology allows us to automatically upload all of your job postings from your career portal, to FitnessJobs.com. We refresh the jobs weekly adding new openings and deleting job postings that have been deleted from your site. This great service provides you extensive reach at a fraction of the cost of traditional job postings. 


FitnessJobs.com also syncs with Google for Jobs, the first list of job postings candidates see when searching Google for career openings.

FitnessJobs.com is a unique business, serving two customers: Employers and Job Seekers.
Our mission is to market aggressively to our end users and to design and assist in successful outcomes for them. Our comprehensive, proprietary marketing plan allows us to accomplish this. Throughout the history of the company, FitnessJobs.com has served over 10,000 employers and 250,000 job seekers. 

 Whether you are a small club or studio owner/operator, a recruiter for a multi-club organization, a college student entering the field, or a seasoned health and fitness veteran, FitnessJobs.com will become a valuable resource for you.

Check out our job posting services: https://www.fitnessjobs.com/employment/pricing.aspx

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