8 Ways to Ace Your Personal Trainer Job Interview

Alan Cohen

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1. Be OVER PREPARED – Stand out from your competition. Employers like employees that are smart and on the ball.

2. Research, research, and more research. Review the company’s website in detail. See if they have any information posted on Glassdoor or Indeed. Visit the job location if possible and see if any friends or contacts know anything about the business.

3. Make sure your resume and cover letter mirror what the employer is looking for.

4. Bring several copies of your resume, references, and certifications. If available, have pay stubs and or W2’s. Also, bring any marketing materials you have created or used in promoting any of your specialty programs.

5. Know exactly what your economic needs are!

6. Have 3-5 well thought out questions that you may have the opportunity to ask?

7. Ask about growth potential and leadership development if that is of interest to you.

8. Have well thought out scripted answers to why you are looking for a new opportunity now, and in previous job changes.

 Alan Cohen is a renowned fitness industry expert with more than 30 years of experience in the health club industry. He is the president and founder of FitnessJobs.com He can be reached at 800-259-4397 or by email: alan@fitnessjobs.com.

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