7 Hot Job Markets That Fitness Job Seekers Never Apply To

Alan Cohen

Exploring Diverse Fitness Markets for Health and Fitness Job Seekers

The health and fitness industry in 2022 reached remarkable heights, boasting total U.S. revenues exceeding 30 billion dollars. On a global scale, the industry's revenue skyrocketed to a staggering sum of 90 billion dollars, underscoring the expansive opportunities available for aspiring fitness professionals within this dynamic sector. For fitness job seekers eyeing a fulfilling fitness career, the prospects are abundant across various vertical markets beyond the mainstream health clubs.

While many candidates tend to gravitate towards applying for jobs within conventional health clubs, there's a rich tapestry of job opportunities waiting to be explored across seven other diverse vertical markets. Let's delve into these lesser known but promising fitness markets:

Medical Fitness Centers: Over 1,000 medical fitness centers are spread across the U.S., operated by hospital groups or healthcare systems. These centers offer unparalleled credibility and attract members truly committed to achieving their fitness goals. Job opportunities for fitness directors, personal trainers, fitness coaches, lifeguards, aquatic instructors, group fitness instructors, yoga instructors, membership sales representatives and executive director opportunities are also in demand.

Local Municipalities and Park & Recreation Departments: These entities now host fully equipped gyms, presenting job seekers with exciting opportunities to work in community-focused fitness environments.

Golf and Country Clubs: Surprisingly, 65% of private country clubs offer fitness services, providing a unique avenue for fitness professionals to engage with an affluent clientele. Fitness directors, personal trainers, aquatic instructors and group fitness instructors are typical positions available in country clubs.

55+ Residential Communities and Master Planned Communities: These communities boast exceptional amenities, including top-tier aquatic and fitness facilities, making them excellent targets for fitness job seekers.

Hotels and Resorts: The wellness industry has made significant inroads into the hospitality sector, with hotels and resorts incorporating fitness and aquatic offerings for health-conscious guests.

Jewish Community Centers: These centers, akin to the concept of YMCA's, offer diverse opportunities within a community-oriented setting.

Colleges and Universities: Modern academic institutions now feature mega facilities with outstanding amenities, providing an exciting platform for job seekers to engage with students and staff in promoting a culture of fitness.

For aspiring fitness professionals, a proactive approach is crucial. Instead of waiting for online job postings, consider reaching out directly to these facilities to express interest and apply for positions. Seizing the initiative can set you on a path to success within these diverse and thriving fitness markets.

Alan Cohen, a veteran in the health and fitness industry with over 35 years of experience and the founder of FitnessJobs.com 25 years ago, is a valuable resource for career guidance and insights. Connect with Alan via email at alan@fitnessjobs.com or reach out by phone at 602-334-7898 for personalized advice and opportunities in the health and fitness industry.

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