Searching for a New Fitness Job?

Alan Cohen
Unless you are in LOVE with your job, you owe it to yourself to do an annual check-up on how you feel about the fitness organization you are working for.
Hopefully, you were able to enjoy some time off over the summer. Health clubs are typically slower from May through mid-September so you probably weren't overworked.
Why should you evaluate how you feel about your career?  Well, you owe it to yourself number one. You are probably doing it regularly, but not in a formal manner.
I recommend sitting down in a comfortable place on your day off with pen and paper in hand. Create about a dozen categories including things such as: How you feel about your employer, your boss,  position, your compensation, workload, commute time, schedule, fellow workers, company culture and ethics plus advancement opportunities.
Create a score between 1-10 and see how you are rating your current job. In the end, ask yourself if you would like to look at different opportunities. Keep in mind that the grass isn't always greener somewhere else.
There are lots of opportunities out there as the health and fitness industry is booming.
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