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Membership Sales Director Interview Questions and Job Description
10/16/2023 Alan Cohen
Membership Sales Director Interview Questions and Job Description
Personal Training Job Interview Questions and Job Description
9/27/2023 Alan Cohen
This blog article on has a copy of interview questions and a job description for a personal training job opportunity.
Fitness Director Job Interview Questions and Job Description
9/26/2023 Alan Cohen
This blog article on is a copy of interview questions for a Fitness Director/Fitness Manager plus a job description.
7 Steps to Becoming a Gym Manager
9/25/2023 Alan Cohen
After working in the gym for less than a year, you woke up one day and decided YOU wanted to become a gym manager.
Fitness Careers: A Comprehensive Guide to Thriving in the Fitness Industry
9/22/2023 Alan Cohen
The fitness industry has undergone a tremendous surge in recent years, presenting a vast array of diverse career options for both fitness enthusiasts and professionals.
Personal Training Jobs Are Plentiful: How to Choose the Right One
9/6/2023 Alan Cohen
This article is tailored for personal trainers who are on the lookout for personal training jobs. In the fitness industry, personal training positions are abundant, but choosing the right one can be a daunting task.
Are You Ready to Open Your Own Fitness Studio?
8/31/2023 Alan Cohen
There comes a time in everyone's life where they think about owning their own business. For those working in the fitness industry, it probably happens often.
Should You Relocate for a Fitness Industry Job? Pros and Cons
8/26/2023 Alan Cohen
Opportunities come to us in many ways during our career. Through a job search, through personal referrals, our reputation, blogging, social media and more. From time to time there may be some good-looking opportunities that may require relocation.
Boost Your Team with the Power of Referrals
8/21/2023 Alan Cohen
Health Club and Fitness Center Leaders, In the dynamic world of health and fitness, building a strong team is essential to providing exceptional experiences for your members.
How to Recruit Personal Trainers - A 6 Step Plan
8/10/2023 Alan Cohen
Recruiting skilled and motivated personal trainers is a cornerstone of success for any fitness establishment. Celebrates 25 Years of Excellence Connecting Employers and Job Seekers
8/7/2023 Alan Cohen
ORMOND BEACH, AUGUST 1, 2023 -, the pioneering job board exclusively dedicated to the health and fitness industry, proudly celebrates its 25th anniversary of revolutionizing the recruitment process for fitness industry.
How to Create Compelling Job Ads for Greater Hiring Succes in the Fitness Industry
7/31/2023 Alan Cohen
As a health and fitness business owner or hiring manager, you understand the significance of having a high-performing team that drives success. After all, your employees are the backbone of your company.
How to Attract Top Fitness Industry Professionals and Boost Your Profits
7/25/2023 Alan Cohen
Are you looking to significantly increase your profits and take your fitness business to new heights? Follow these 8 straightforward steps to upgrade your management team and ensure your success in the health and fitness industry.
How to Negotiate Higher Pay in the Fitness Industry: A Guide for Fitness Professionals
7/24/2023 Alan Cohen
Getting Paid What you are Worth Getting “paid what you are worth” is an expression that’s been around forever. Are you getting paid what you’re worth?
Strategies for Hiring and Retaining Top Membership Sales Reps in the Fitness Industry
7/17/2023 Alan Cohen
Introduction: The success of any fitness business relies heavily on the performance of its membership sales staff.
How to Make More Money as a Personal Trainer
7/15/2023 Alan Cohen
Ready to transform your personal training career into a lucrative success story? Look no further! Our latest article on is your ticket to skyrocketing your earnings and achieving financial freedom!
Fitness Career Advice - Which Vertical Market Should I Work In?
5/15/2023 Alan Cohen
The information below is a chapter from founder, Alan Cohen's eBook: "How to Land Your Dream Fitness Job A Complete Guide to Finding Your Dream Job in the Health and Fitness Industry".
How to Fuel Your Body Working as a Personal Trainer
8/24/2019 Every Day Health
As a personal trainer, you understand the importance of a healthy diet but you can’t seem to find the time every day to prepare healthy meals.