Alan, Thank you for following up. We got lots of leads in a short period of time. We interviewed many and we finalized on our top candidates now. FitnessJobs.com definitely was the main source of finding good candidates. The qualities of the leads were way better here than any other site.
Daniel Nyiri, Founder/CEO
4U Fitness

Alan, Thanks for helping me with the ad for Sales Director. I generated some great results and was able to fill the position.

Claire B. Bass, Owner
Workout Anytime, Fairview Park, Ohio

 As an owner, the largest stress now is selecting from qualified candidates. Filling positions has always been stressful. But since listing with FitnessJobs.com, my in box is literally filled with great resumes. This is the best site to have your job listings on.

Paul DiLauro, MS, Fitness Director
Peak Performance Fitness, Lynbrook, NY

 As an owner of a high-end training studio in FL we are challenged to recruit professional certified staff. We recently posted an ad on FitnessJobs.com and received over 25 candidates with great resumes. Our hire was from Holland and a great acquisition to our business. I highly recommend FitnessJobs.com! 
Darrell McKay, Owner

Anytime Fitness, Jacksonville, FL

Hi Alan, I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for taking the time to review my ads and give me feedback. I really appreciated that. It may have not been a big deal to you but I have put ads out on many different sites and you were the first person who actually sat and read my posts and give me valuable feedback that I was able to put in to practice immediately. That alone is invaluable! Thanks again.

Alex Edward - Orangetheory Fitness
Pearland, TX

"We have utilized FitnessJobs.com now twice and have been very pleased with not only the quantity of applications that come in, but also the quality of the candidates. The system is easy to use and is helpful in keeping everything well organized for easy tracking even months later. We will be taping in to this valuable tool again as we continue to seek qualified, enthusiastic people to add to the Workout Anytime team!"
Jennifer Young, General Manager
Workout Anytime, SC

“We’ve used every resource imaginable to find qualified job applicants. FitnessJobs.com is BY FAR the best resource we’ve ever used.  We not only received a good response (in terms of the numbers of applicants) but the quality of respondents exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend FitnessJobs.com.”

Steve Saxton, Smart Gyms

"FitnessJobs.com allowed me to tap into some applicants that would not have otherwise applied for the position I was offering. Alan did an outstanding job with customer service and made the process effortless for me. Thank you!"
Rob Krecak, Anytime Fitness

"Many of our top candidates, and now team members, have come to us through FitnessJobs.com. Alan has been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing our great partnership with FitnessJobs.com".

Tiffany Snead
Corporate Fitness Works

FitnessJobs.com offers on-the-fly management of career postings. We tracked hundreds of prospective employee viewings for each employment offering. Our relationship with Alan will be long-standing as The Career Collection websites offer unbeatable value and delivery.

Derek Curtice, Fitness PremierBartlett, TN

"Our new Recreation Director starts on Monday. He has experience in pools, camp, and he is a certified personal trainer. We are really looking forward to having him join our team and I want to thank you for helping us find him".
Bob Diodati, General Manager
Wentworth By The Sea Country Club

I must compliment you on your website. It is so user friendly and that means a lot to me because I am not particularly adept at navigating such things! We have been getting good responses in the Aquatics and Fitness areas. I was also pleased to see a gymnastics category because we always have a need for instructors and coaches.
Patti Corse, Human Resources
YMCA of the Upper Main Line

"Gold's Gym International created a national recruitment strategy in preparation for our aggressive growth plans. We partnered with FitnessJobs.com as a part of that recruitment strategy with great results! Our recruitment metrics show that of all the recruitment media we use, FitnessJobs.com provides us the most qualified candidates for our Personal Trainer positions; which is a key position here at GGI and in the fitness industry in general. We will continue to use FitnessJobs.com in our ongoing recruitment strategy and find their pricing to be the most competitive of all the job boards we use."

Human Resources,Gold's Gym International

"I was very impressed by the number of potential candidates that responded to my FitnessJobs.com listing. I found the site very easy to use. It was simple - it took very few clicks of the mouse to arrive at the area of the site I needed. I would recommend FitnessJobs.com to other employers in the industry. I think the bottom line is that it's a great avenue to qualified candidates."

Ron Woolard

"It really helps me with the recruitment process because all of our locations can post job openings. Listings on the site always generate a lot of responses. FitnessJobs.com is a lot more fine-tuned than a classified ad or other sites that employers might use. For example, I used Monster.com once, which generated about 3,000 resumes. Unfortunately, about 2,950 of these werent relevant to the industry. FitnessJobs.com is very specific to the industry and Ive recommended the site to a lot of people hunting for jobs or employees".

Sandy Reszke
Power Wellness

As the largest personal training company in the Nation our partnership with FitnessJobs.com and it's owner Alan Cohen has proved invaluable. FitnessJobs.com has been a trusted and consistent source for Custom Built to find qualified people, while Alan has given us the personal attention that you don't find in many places. It's a true pleasure to have FitnessJobs.com in our corner!

Justin Fouse, Director
Custom Built Personal Training

 "FitnessJobs is an awesome resource. We receive a significant amount of applicant flow by posting on the website. It is pleasure to work with you guys!"
Kerah Champion, Recruiting Manager

I learned a valuable lesson early that you can never stop recruiting your next great trainer. The first week I opened I had to let one of my initial hires go. Fortunately, I had subscribed to a web based recruiting service called FitnessJobs.com and was able to replace him before the studio became overwhelmed. It has been the single best recruiting resource for me. Of the 3 trainers I have now at the studio, 2 found me through the service and have been great additions to the team. I have also been able to pull a few resumes for owners in other states that have turned into hires as well. My experience has been that FitnessJobs.com attracts a more professionally oriented candidate compared with Craigslist. All of the candidates who have contacted me through this service were either certified with experience or were recent college grads with degrees in Kinesiology. Craigslist generates lots of resumes but most end up in the Rubbermaid.
Rick Coe, Owner
Fitness Together,Rockville, MD

"I've used lots of online job search companies, and FitnessJobs.com has been the best. I received several resumes from high quality candidates, some within just a few hours of posting it, and was able to hire an excellent applicant as a result. I recommend this site above all others."

David Flench, MBA Director
Mariners Hospital

"We have used FitnessJobs.com several times to locate good, quality candidates for our General Manager and Certified Trainer positions. We consistently begin receiving inquiries within 24 hours and have been able to secure top quality talent for our company. We will continue using FitnessJobs.com and anticipate continued great service and results. If you are a hiring manager in the fitness industry, I highly recommend you try FitnessJobs.com!"

Sean Graham
Atlas Fitness

 "I've been getting a lot of response from the website. It has been very beneficial."

Brian Calvin, Managing Member
Fitness Together, Oklahoma City, OK

I ran the ad and got the staff I needed. We've had low turnover since then. Additionally, your site has provided me with quality, committed, long-term employees so I can pay attention to running a successful business.

I'll let you know when we are ready again; hopefully, not too soon.

Brandon Reed, Owner
Fitness Together

"Alan, thanks again for all your help and first rate customer service. As an owner of multiple personal training studios recruiting is a very important part of my business. Just like with marketing for new clients, I've found the best returns on my recruiting efforts come when I tightly target my message. Thats what makes FitnessJobs.com so unique. I want to be where fitness professionals go to look for jobs not just anyone looking for employment. Over the years Ive tried most everything and nothing comes close to the number of qualified applicants I get from your site. I also think the video idea is brilliant and will be posting one very soon. Im looking for the right individual that fits with our business philosophy and training style. The more I can personalize my message the better chance I have in getting responses from qualified applicants. I'm all about successful systems in small business and your service will continue to be part of my recruiting system. I would highly recommend it to other fitness entrepreneurs".

Shane Doll
President Shaping Concepts, LLC

Alan - Our organization has had such a positive experience with our first job posting (Exercise Physiologist) on your FitnessJobs.com site. I am impressed with the ease of getting the job posted, the short response time from posting the job to actually receiving candidate inquiries (within minutes!!) as well as the hiring teams comments that the quality of these candidates coming through you website are superb!

Finally, the services that FitnessJobs.com offers are an exceptional value as well!
Marnie Barnhart, Director of Human Resources
The Marsh, A Center for Fitness and Balance

Thanks for taking the time to check on our results. The ad has turned out some good prospects. I will be hiring one of the candidates from your site and if things go as I believe they will, that one placement will have made the ad worth the money. There are two or three others that may work out as well. Again, I appreciate you taking the time to follow up. That alone would prompt me to use the site again for future recruiting.

Thomas Capobianco, Vice President of Personal Training
Pro Results/LA Fitness

I wanted to say thank you for developing a "First Class Site" for job placement, as well as Recruitments.

For the last 20 years, I've maintained the desire to impart only the truth about business. I always have believed that a moment of insight is worth a lifetime's experience. I personally guarantee that FitnessJobs.com is the #1 tool for anyone looking to find "Top notch" Professionals. The website is people sensitive and accurate. Understanding how an employer operates and what we are looking for, makes results easily obtained. Today because of FitnessJobs.com, Results Plus Personal Training Center Hamden CT. has 16 nationally certified trainers. The best part of the overall experience is that our turnover rate has dropped, Most trainers now stay with us. Trainers who apply on line at FitnessJobs.com are more professional and have the knowledge, and understanding of what they are looking for. This makes the recruitment procedures far more enjoyable, and pinpoints our ability to find the "right" candidate.

Thank you Alan, you have made the hiring process at Results Plus Personal Training in Hamden CT. easily obtainable!
Dave Parise, C.E.O. Results Plus Personal Training

Its a great site for our recruitment needs. We continually hire our Fitness and Activity Directors through the site, as well as our General Managers. We get about 90 percent of our applicants through the website, which makes it invaluable to us. Its easy to use and entirely self-explanatory.
Eve Dailey, HR Recruiter
WTS International

"The bottom line is that it was simple to post and returns quality applicants. I draft my job posting in Word, copy/paste and then press submit on FitnessJobs.com. I would definitely recommend the site to colleagues because it is so easy to use and garners effective results."
Annie Alameda, M.S., Fitness Coordinator
Jewish Community Center

"Seems to pull the best quality leads I've seen. Whenever I need a position filled, I activate the account". Great value and easy to use!
Rodney Golden, Fitness Together
Hoover, Alabama

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